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The Smartest Way to Explore and Dive in Komodo!


Dive Camp Prices

Accommodation :

Divers’ dorm: Rp. 275.000/pax/night (breakfast included)
Pirates’ hut: Rp. 700.000/Hut (2pax)/night (breakfast included)
Bungalow: Rp. 900.000/bungalow (2 pax)/night (breakfast included)

Buffet Meal Plan (lunch and dinner): rp 125.000/person/meal
Inclusive of transport to and from island
(boat town to island at 9:30 bets and 17:30 – Island to town at 7:30) 
(Late check out possible at 16:00 for extra charge rp 100.000/person
10% tax and 5% service charge not included in prices


Divers' Dorm

Pirates Hut

Fun Dives

2 Speed BOAT Fun Dives in Komodo National Park Rp 1.400.000
(we go out twice a day, morning and afternoon diving)
House Reef or Camp vicinity fun dive Rp 700.000/dive
Night Dive: rp 900.000/dive

Inclusive of all equipment – Park fees not included

Dive More, Pay Less

5% discount for 8 or more dives / person
10% discount for sport bet online 12 or more dives / person
5% discount if you have your own equipment

All inclusive packages dive and stay available for 3 and 4 days staying in Dorm or Hut

Dive Camp Facilities 

Accommodation :

12 wooden Pirates huts (two single beds)
 Sharing toilets and Shower facilities
4 bungalows with private toilets and showers
1 Divers’ dorm with 6 beds, 2 shared toilets and showers

Common area

Pirates Café, BBQ and beach lounge o Relaxing area
100% solar energy powered

Diving Centre:

PADI certified Dive Resort
Over water Dive centre at end of Jetty
180m long jetty with dive deck
2 dive speed boats, 2 wooden tour and dive boats
Mares, Cressy and Scuba Pro equipment
Qualified PADI dive masters and Instructors

Jack's Hut

Snorkelling gear for rental o Kayak for rental

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Dragons and Mantas

Rinca Island, Manta point and Turtle City

Daily departure at 7:30

Trekking with Dragons at Rinca Island’s crocodile bay, have 1,5 hour walk from the ranger station to the view point, accross the island savana. Get the chance to swim with amazing mantas betting tz at Manta point, and meet komodo green turtles at turtle city (Siaba island bay). 

what expect to see: Komodo dragons, Manta, reef sharks, turtles Currents: mild to medium

Padar Adventure

Padar Peak - Padar Beach - Mawan Island

Daily departure at 6:30

A Great Day, bring back home an amazing memory, one of the best views you will ever see. don’t forget your camera, you will make all your friends very Jealous.
after the morning trekking to Padar hilltop, and a bit of relaxation time at padar beach. we will bring you snorkeling at Mawan island, the little gem of Komodo National park, where a Pink sand beach and an amazing coral garden can be found, and on top of this, just in front of the beach a Manta cleaning station where to try your luck to meet beautiful mantas.

What to expect to see: Mantas, Turtles, Reef Sharks, Colorful corals, Rays.
Currents: Medium to Strong
Beach: White and pink, beautiful relaxing bathing area close to shore

Komodo and Pink Beach

Komodo Island, Pink Beach and Batu Bolong

Daily departure at 7:00

Trekking with Dragons at Komodo island, 1,5 hour walk from the ranger station to the water source, trying to find Dragons in their wild habitat. Discover pink sand beach and its magnificent coral garden Snorkeling in Batu Bolong, where you will be amazed by the sea life. what to expect to see: Komodo Dragons, tropical fishes, amazing coral, reef sharks, turtles currents: medium to strong

Island Hopping

Manta point, Makassar Reef, Siaba Bay

Daily departure at 7:30

A Relaxing Day sailing in Komodo national park waters
swimming with mantas, turtles and enjoying white sand beaches
what to expect to see: manta, rays, reef sharks, turtles, currents: mild to medium

All our Day trips include:

english speaking Local guide
Snorkeling gear
Lunch box and water
Departure around 7:00 and return around 15:30

Not Included:

National park fees (175.000 – 400.000idr/day)
Additional fun dive (700.000idr per dive)

Day Tours can be booked on daily bases directly at the island camp activity desk

PADI Dive Courses

6.000.000 IDR

If you’ve always wanted to take scuba diving lessons, experience unparalleled adventure and see the underwater world, this is where it starts.


  • Online manual and certification
  • Theory and exam
  • 1 dive in confined water
  • 4 dives in open water

Not included:

  • National park fees
  • Extra dive after the course (600.000 idr/dive)
  • Extra night dive (750.000 idr/dive)

Min 10 years old - Possibility to do the course in 3 days

5.500.000 IDR

Build confidence, improve and expand your
diving skills through different Adventure Dives.


  • Online manual and certification
  • 5 dives in open water:

deep and navigation dives and 3 other dives at your convenience

Not included:

  • National park fees
  • Extra dive after the course (600.000 idr/dive)
  • Extra night dive after the course (750.000 idr/dive)

Min. 10 years old (it depends on the adventure dive)
Certified as padi open water diver
Possibility to do the course in 2 days

6.000.000 IDR

The most challenging and rewarding course you will ever take. Learn to prevent and manage problems in the water and Ibecome more confident n your skills as a diver


  • Online manual and certification +Theory and exam
  • 1 dive (10 skills) in confined water
  • 1 dive (10 skills) in open water
  • 2 dives (scenario) in `open water

Not included:

  • EFR (Emergency first response) (Extra charge 2.000.000 IDR)
  • Extra fun dive during the course (600.000 idr/dive)
  • Extra night dive during the course (750.000 idr/dive)
  • Min 12 years old
  • Certified adventure diver (with underwater navigation dive)
    Efr primary and secondary care training within 24 months.


Inquiry for internship option on demand

The PADI Divemaster course is your first level of professional training. We strongly believe that the
best way to become a confident Divemaster is to do an internship style course. Our divemaster internship takes between six and eight weeks.

Ask us for more information


1.000.000 IDR per adventure dive

Or Price depending on the specialty

PADI Specialty courses are individual courses geared towards teaching you an in-depth knowledge of a
particular subject.
An adventure dive is the first dive of a specialty and count for your advanced training, unlimited in time

  • Deep diver speciality (4dives)
  • Drift diver speciality (2dives)
  • Night diver speciality (3dives)
  • Peak performance buoyancy (2dives)
  • Project aware (optional dive)


1.200.000 IDR

If you want to try scuba diving but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, Discover Scuba Diving is for you.


  • Dive instructor
  • Theory and skill session
  • 1 dive in open water (maximum 12 meters)
  • Peak performance buoyancy (2dives)

(Second dive will be charged Rp 1.000.000)
Take a DSD 2 dives package for only rp 2.200.000
Min 10 years old -
Basic knowledge in swimming


1.100.000 IDR

Haven’t been diving lately and want a quick scuba refresher? Update your dive skills and knowledge from your PADI Open Water Course before jumping back into the water.


  • Quick theory
  • Out and in-water skills session based on your previous experience
  • 1 dive in open Water
  • 2 refresher dive package for rp 1.800.000

Not Included:

  • National park fee’s

Certified open water diver minimum